Think you might have an interest?


Gringo's M.C.  does not discriminate against a man's race, nor a man's iron horse.


When we ride together, we're on cruisers, otherwise whatever 2 wheels is in your stable.


Must have a bike in good running order, valid license, insurance and registration!


There are some other things, but that's discussed at the appropriate time.


First off, if you don't know us and we don't know you, let's fix that!.


Meet up, socialize and "Hang-Around", see if there is a shared common interest.


What does prospecting entail? Again that is something to discuss when you are ready.


There is absolutely no illegal activity asked or requested from anyone!


There is no humiliating, demeaning of a persons character, and or principles.


We are not Boy Scouts, but we are also not a farm team for "Sons of Anarchy"!


Wannabe's need not apply!


Patch don't make the man, man makes the patch!


Don't be a bad ass now when you weren't one before!


No Law Enforcement Affiliation due to Conflict of Interest, Ideology and Philosophy.


Veteran Military, Tradesman, Professionals All Welcome!


There are 3 phases, Hang-Around, Prospecting and Probationary to getting a full patch:


1. Hang-Around - Get to know, socialize, ride, see if there is similar interest.

2. Prospect - Commitment, learn rules of the road, MC protocol, attention to detail.

3. Probate - All knowledge and practices learned as Prospect, now demonstrate it.


Timelines? That's up to you, participation and availability is a factor.


We can only speak of Gringo's M.C., don't' ask us about other organizations.


Send an email, reach out on Facebook, or meet up when we post our round-a-bouts.


Prospecting is a labor of love, have fun with it!